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RT Motion Latitude Single Remote Focus Kit





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This RT Motion kit includes everything you need to run it as a single channel system.  The Latitude MDR-M receiver, one MK3.1 motor, motor cables, power cables, batteries, charger, and camera control cables (RED or Arri).

The Future of Lens Control

The RT Motion Latitude MDR’s offer all of the performance of the MK3.1 Receiver, with a host of modern tech to create a forward-thinking lens and camera control integration platform that will evolve with you.

Control RTMotion Lens Motors on RED, ARRI, Canon, Sony, Panasonic and all common cameras. Compatible with all RTMotion ecosystem controllers & accessories.

RED integration; Control EF/AF Focus/Iris, Shutter, ISO and button-features (2x Magnification, Edge, Focus Assist) on RED DSMC/DSMC2.

A Monster Feature-Set

Top-tier Lens Control System for ARRI, Sony, Canon, etc.

  • Add an RTMotion Controller (MK3.1) and up to 3 RT Lens motors for FIZ control of PL and SLR lenses.
  • Run/stop cables available for all common systems – ARRI, Sony F55, Phantom, GH4, LANC (Sony FS7, Canon C100/300/500, Blackmagic), etc.
  • Unequalled 1km wireless range, perfect for drones and harsh RF environments like stadiums.
  • Benefit from and help with future integrations


  • Use the RTMotion Controller (MK3.1) to control EF lenses (Canon, Nikon) via their internal motors, over a rock-solid RF wireless link.
  • Control Shutter, ISO and button-features (2x Magnification, Edge, Focus Assist) with MK3.1 Controller and/or Smartknob
  • Control “focus” and “iris” via two thumbwheels.
  • Add RTMotion Motors for PL lens control.
  • Use Foolcontrol with DSMC and DSMC2 cameras via Latitude’s WIFI