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Genus Video Shoulder Mount





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The Professional Video Shoulder Mount Kit is designed for the new generation large sensor video cameras. Working with Universal Plate as the main camera support, you can easily align the camera and other accessories, like matte boxes and follow focus systems with adjustable rods height and horizontal movement of the top plate. The top plate can also slide off, making camera fixing easy and acts as a quick release plate and slide on the horizontal plane for fine balance adjustment. Two ends stops are supplied to ensure the top plate is held in position. Non-slip rubber strips on the back plate help prevent wobbling of the camera and scratches to the camera body.

The Counterweight, the Heavy Duty Shoulder pad, the Universal Plate and the Hand Grip Mobar systems are all adjustable for ease of finding the perfect balance and comfort for all day operation. The aviation grade aluminum parts fit together into a solid but lightweight system that can accommodate both camcorders and DSLRs. Using industry-standard 15mm rods, the rig is easily accessorized with your choice such as noga arms, matte boxes, follow focus systems, etc. The kit is modular and can be added greater. It can be upgraded with the addition of mounts and rods to build even more configurations for support.