About Us

Was it a happy accident … Investing in yourself?

Lorne was studying and working in the technical crafts that included photography, audio recording and editing – Who thought it could be a full time job and preoccupation to supply equipment and rental services in support of an industry that is so engaging.  Transforming hobbies and interests into careers is not new, yet more often it’s a common, shared reality.  Passion is imperative … and very persuasive?

After “normal schooling” in the public sector, Lorne went to Sheridan College in a film / photography program that evolved into a job with the department and also years of freelance production work with friends and associates.  After further work in the broadcast market with CBC and many independants as a camera operator and editor, there was an itch to join a National distributor that sold all the fun products – cameras, lights, recorders and studio gear.  Sales, lots to do, demonstrating gear with Film Crews and Production Companies, TV Stations, Educational Institutions, and individuals across all Western Canada – Always sharing ideas and working for technical solutions with creative people.  Warning – involvement with dedicated and motivated folks (customers) can be very habit forming!

Lorne Lapham Sales & Rentals has evolved over the years as a Canadian Family business with many talented, professional staff who share the interest to offer friendly, knowledgeable service that will assist you to make informed choices.  All have contributed the building blocks for LLSR’s solid and trusted reputation.

Thank you to all the Imagemakers who continue to share our passion!

It’s no accident – we are connected!