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RED KOMODO 6K Digital Cinema Camera





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  • Global Shutter without sacrificing image quality or dynamic range
  • 6K resolution
  • S35 sensor (27.03mm x 14.26mm)
  • Full sensor 6K 40 fps, 6K WS @50 fps, 4K @60 fps
  • Versatile RF mount with ability to utilize adaptors for EF, PL and other lens systems
  • Form-factor: small & versatile (4”x4”; under 2.1 lbs)
  • REDCODE RAW, now simplified with quality levels
  • 4K monitoring out
  • Cinematic color science with IPP2


The RED KOMODO 6K is the latest breakthrough product in RED’s long line of innovative image capture technology. The newest entrant into the RED lineup is a compact and highly powerful cinema camera. It features RED’s cinema grade image quality, color science and sensor technology into a portable form factor so users can take it anywhere and adapt it to any shooting scenario. ​

Global Shutter

Capture every moment, burst, and flash without sacrificing and ounce of dynamic range or overall image quality.

  • Movement: Capture fast-moving action like it’s meant to be captured. No blurred or curved lines- just perfect pixels in every shot.
  • Dynamic Range: KOMODO stays true to RED’s reputation and heritage of unrivaled dynamic range. Capture every detail from the most cinematic shots.
  • Flash: The KOMODO 6K sensor isn’t phased by quick bursts of light like strobes or lightning. So users never have to compromise getting the shot they want.
  • VFX: No rolling shutter artifacts means less time fixing footage for camera tracking and match-move. Saving valuable time and money in post-production and VFX.


Shooting on a bigger canvas allows creators to unlock more creative flexibility with benefits such as stabilization,
reframing, and more.

The latest evolution of REDCODE is optimized for KOMODO. Allowing users to continue unlocking unbelievable image capture potential and creative flexibility with a new simplified user experience.

Form Factor

KOMODO is smaller and more versatile than any comparable cinema camera in the industry. Allowing you to get shots you never thought possible.

4K Output

Whether on set or online, take advantage of live 4K monitoring output to review content or stream.

Versatile Lens Mount

KOMODO’S RF-style Mount provides flexibility and compatibility with a wide array of EF and PL Lenses and the ability to leverage adapters with internal ND Filters.

HIgh-Resolution Touch Screen

Easily preview content and navigate menus.


CFAST 2.0 media allows users to use a widely accessible, standardized, and reliable media source


KOMODO uses either Canon BP-955 (4900mAh) or BP-975 (7300mAh), allowing users to choose an industry standard and widely relied-upon power source

The RED KOMODO 6K is available to rent from Lapham’s in Vancouver and available to be shipped Canada wide.