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KipperTie Revolva – EF Mount for RED





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The Revolva has super precise and beautifully machined components. The design complements your RED® system elegantly, with robust and ergonomic engineering. At the heart of the Revolva system, the quick change cartridges contain four best of class filters. ND values from clear to 2.1 and a range of diffusion options exist for maximum flexibility.

The filter wheel snaps magnetically between positions, locks positively, and clicks convincingly into the mount.
Backfocus is compensated correctly by design, with clearance for a wide variety of lenses.

Backing up the quality optics and tough engineering, Revolva features camera firmware integration, captive mounting screws and RED certification where appropriate.

Revolva ND cartridges use Full Spectrum neutral density filters.  This means that the visible and near-IR light is controlled and reduced to precisely the same degree.  As a result, colour shifts otherwise caused by invisible IR pollution are intelligently minimised.


Revolva is a complete intelligent lens mount for RED® DSMC2. Industry first quick-change filter cartridges are each loaded with a four-position rotating filter. Best of class ND and diffusion, right where you need it.


Revolva is easy to love. No fumbling with trays, sticking screw threads or dropped and smashed filters. Just slip in the tough aerospace alloy filter cartridge and spin to the filter you need.


Revolva works with any swappable mount RED® DSMC2® camera. The majority of EF lenses are compatible, and the supplied smart fitment tool makes double checking simple.