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Kenyon KS-4 Gyro Kit





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Versatile in its stabilization capability for high power binoculars, the Universal KS-4 provides lowest cost per device served. Ultra heavy metal gyro rims enable maximum stabilization in a minimum casing size. Military tested and approved, the KS-4 has shown the recognition capability of binoculars to be improved 2.4 times. For photographic work in low light levels, exposures to 1 second can be used (hand held). Hand-held devices to four (4) pounds can be easily stabilized by the KS-4. Specifications: Size: 2.8″ diameter x 4.5″ long Weight: 2.13 lbs (34 oz.) Power: 115 volts, 400 Hz, 12 watts starting with 4 watts running after 4 minutes run up time. 6 hours of run time off our 7.2 amp hour power pack. Panning Rate: 20 degrees per second..