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Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapter – Movi Pro





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Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapters are sold as a pair and allow you to power the MōVI Pro with the longer lasting DJI TB50 intelligent batteries. TB50s are an alternative battery solution for the Freefly MōVI Pro gimbal. They provide over double the run time of the standard MōVI Pro batteries!

  • More than double your MōVI run time!!!
  • Slides and screw locks on to the MōVI Pro battery slots: no gimbal modification needed.
  • Lemo version comes with a 2-pin output on both plates for powering high draw accessories, providing 20-25.5Vdirect from the battery via a 2 pin 0B Lemo socket (one on each plate).
  • Allows unrestricted 360 roll mode as the batteries are mounted on the gimbal, not the ring with a cable.
  • TB50s are smart batteries, self discharging over time to protect the cells.
  • TB50s have built-in heaters, which start warming the batteries when engaged to the plate, maximising run times in cold climate.