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Genus DSLR Shoulder Mount





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The Genus Shoulder Rig is dual handgrip shoulder mounted, modular system designed for DSLRs. It utilizes our height-adjustable DSLR Adaptor allows you to mount any DSLR with or without battery grips. Your tripod plate can attach directly to the bottom of the DSLR Adaptor using the standard tripod screws.

The Offset bracket allows you to shift the camera weight to centrally aligned to your body
The Rig is manufactured from aviation grade aluminium that makes the rig both strong and lightweight. Using industry-standard 15mm rods, the rig is easily accessorized with your choice such as matte box, follow focus, or audio recorder.

The Counterweight, the Shoulder pad, the Hot Plate and the DSLR Adaptor are all adjustable for ease of finding the perfect balance and comfort for operation all day long. Please check our Heavy Duty Should Pad for even more added comfort.