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Teradek RT CTRL.1 Single-Axis Wireless Lens Control Kit w/ Lens Mapping





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  • Complete Teradek RT precision lens control kit.
  • Wireless control focus, iris or zoom with up to 5,000 ft. of range.
  • Supports lens mapping for precision focus pulling.
  • Lens mapping overlays directly on compatible SmallHD monitors.


The CTRL.1 is a single-axis handheld controller for precision wireless lens control. Part of the Teradek RT ecosystem, CTRL.1 allows for either focus, iris or zoom control, is compatible with all Teradek RT motors & receiver and will work simultaneously with other RT Units controlling the other axes on the same lens.


  • Larger focus knob for improved feel
  • Lightweight, ergonomic grip
  • Built-in OLED display
  • Start/Stop control
  • Integrated mounting points
  • LP-E6 battery powers up to 36 hours of continuous use

Ergonomic Lightweight Design

The controller features a large focus knob, flexible mounting options and an OLED display for critical lens data. Its lightweight ergonomic design makes it extremely easy to take anywhere, and a removable Canon LP-E6 battery offers up to 36 hours of continuous use.

Lens Mapping

CTRL.1 can auto-calibrate a lens focal scale to premarked rings using highly precise Teradek-designed software. This not only saves time on set and in prep from having to mark up individual rings and re-calibrating after every lens swap, but also ensures pinpoint accuracy. CTRL.1 is the only professional single-channel controller on the market offering lens mapping functionality.

SmallHD Overlays

In an industry-first, lens data can now be overlayed directly on SmallHD monitors, allowing focus pullers to keep their eyes on the image without having to look at another display for lens information. CTRL.1 transfers lens info directly to monitors like the SmallHD Focus Bolt (which can be mounted to the controller).

CTRL.1 is the perfect tool for filmmakers who want a dedicated controller for pulling focus, offering lens mapping, overlays, and unparalleled precision at an affordable cost.

The new Teradek RT MOTR.X lens motors are fast, silent, lightweight, and precise. These high-powered motors have double the torque of the MK3.1 lens motors, offering smooth and responsive operation for focus, iris, and zoom controls no matter how large the lens. Gear orientation can be switched to achieve the optimal position on your camera.

MOTR.X also comes with 2 new exciting capabilities:

  • Indicator Lights – MOTR.X can be directly assigned to Focus, Iris, or Zoom at the push of a button. Each motor features a selector button and 3 LED lights that indicate the chosen axis.
  • In/Out Ports – These new ports allow data & power to pass-through, meaning all motors on a lens can be daisy-chained together to eliminate cable clutter. Even MK3.1 motors can be used as the final motor in the series.

The new MOTR.X lens motors provide camera operators with a powerful, clean, versatile rig and super-accurate FIZ controls.