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Spyder Pod Car Mount Kit





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Shooting video from a moving vehicle can be a challenge, but if done well it can add tremendous impact to your shots and increased value to your production. Until now, vehicle camera mounting systems have been expensive, ungainly, complicated, risky to use, unattractive to look at — or all of the above. Once again, Digital Juice comes to the rescue with the development of a professional video gear solution which is innovative, attractive, easy-to-use, reliable and a tremendous value for the money.

The Digital Juice Spyder Pod Vehicle Camera Mounting System is a complete solution contained in a lightweight attractive carry bag. Using three professional-grade suction mounts and built with precision-machined high-grade aluminum and stainless steel components, this system is strong and secure – giving you the confidence you need to safely achieve your desired vehicle shots. Each suction mount is fitted with an adjustable ball joint, allowing for an extensive range of lockable positions for the attached interchangeable multi-length legs.

  • Spyder Pod: camera base plate with three leg attachment joints; three 3″, three 6″ and three 12″ solid aluminum legs; three suction mount units (one for each leg), each in its own black soft cloth bag.
  • Spyder Pod Safety Kit: 2 suction mount safety anchors (each in a red soft cloth bag); 3 variable length safety straps, 2 pinch strap anchors, 2 velcro anchor straps & 2 carbiner anchor straps (all contained in 1 grey soft cloth bag).
  • Spyder Pod Carry Bag: Includes attractive cylindrical carry bag, detachable padded shoulder strap, zippered full access top lid, padded top carry handle, nine cloth loops around inner edge to hold the leg extension rods.