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Sigma 50-100mm T2 EF Cine Zoom Lens





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Sigma 50-100mm T2 Cine Zoom Lens Overview

The Sigma 50-100mm T2 Cine Zoom is one of the first lenses to be announced as part of the Sigma Cine Lens Repertoire. The 18-35mm is designed to be compatible with a large range of matte boxes and follow focus units with a 95mm front diameter, 82mm filter screw in and 0.8M gauge gears.

The Sigma 50-100mm EF mount is compatible with Super 35 sensor size and optimized for ultra-high-resolution cinematography, so it pairs perfectly with digital cinema cameras capable of 6K and 8K recording.

  • Compact Size. 180º Focus Rotation
  • Standardized Essentials: Gear position, Color Correction, Filter Size & Front Diameter
  • Super 35mm Format
  • EF Mount
Color balance standardized across the lineup

All of the lenses in the lineup are designed to comply with SIGMA’s CCI standard. Standardized color balance makes color correction a snap.

6K-8K class resolution

The lineup features the same optical system that delivers 50-megapixel or higher resolution in still photography. These lenses are therefore ready for higher-resolution shooting and are ideal for chroma keying as well.


Standardized gear positions

The positions of the gears in each ring are standardized, eliminating the need to adjust the follow focus, motor unit, or accessories even when the lens changes.

Silent ring stoppers

The stopper for each ring incorporates a damper made of a special resin, resulting in silent operation. While offering a satisfying lock feel, this feature eliminates any metallic sounds, allowing the user to shoot with confidence in a quiet area.

180° focus rotational angle

At 180°, the rotational angle of the focus ring is more than double that of a still camera lens, making possible extremely high-precision focusing. SIGMA has also optimized the cam for cine lenses for even easier long distance focusing.

160° zoom rotational angle

At 160°, the rotational angle of the zoom ring is more than double that of a still camera lens, making possible extremely high-precision zooming.