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Sekonic C-700 SPECTROMASTER Color Meter





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  • Digital mode/Film mode selection
  • Measures LED, HMI, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Natural Light and Flash, from 380 to 780nm
  • Wide measurement range of Color Temperature (1,600 to 40,000K) and illuminance (1 to 200,000lx in ambient light, 20 to 20,500lx in flash light)
  • Conforms to Class A of JIS C 1609-1: 2006 as Illuminance meter class
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)
  • Lighting Filter for Rosco and LEE, Camera Filter for Kodak Wratten, LEE, Fuji, and LB/CC Index
  • Convenient Display Modes for photo/cinematography such as Multiple Lights and White Balance Correction
  • Up to 99 data measurements can be stored in memory
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The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700 is designed for motion and still mage capturers who want to produce quality results with proper subject color while working with multiple types and brands of light sources. As a full-spectrum color meter, the C-700 can precisely measure LED, HMI, and Fluorescent as well as tungsten, natural light, and electronic flashes.

The C-700s’ large color touch screen displays light-source color spectrum and CRI for multiple sources, plus Kelvin (correlated color temperature), Illuminance (footcandle or Lux), and light source filtration values in Mired CC, as well as filter correction values for major light source and lens filter brands. Its high-resolution measuring system featuring CMOS sensor enables capturing spikes in light source output to provide unsurpassed color measurement accuracy.

Different than any spectrometer today the C-700 meters not only displays more light-source information it also provides filtration information to correct and modify light color for cleaner recording and simpler post process.