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Rhino Ultimate Slider Bundle with ARC II Head





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  • 15lb load capacity supports cinema cameras.
  • Up to 4 axis Pan & Tilt built in.
  • Setup moves with Dual Joysticks when your phone isn’t near.
  • Control Arc II with the iOS app.
  • Insanely quiet.
  • Setup multiple key frames to craft a repeatable shot.
  • Film yourself with AI powered Automatic Face tracking.
  • Capture “Holy Grail” day to night time-lapses with Lightlapse.
  • Power your camera from Arc II during long shoots.


If you want everything, the Ultimate Slider Bundle is for you. It includes everything you need to start capturing 4-axis movement including both of our motors and a shorter set of rails to swap to for more run-and-gun type shoots.

(Includes Rhino Slider Pro 42”, Rhino Arc II, Rhino Focus, Rhino Motor – High Torque, Rhino Motor – High Speed, Carbon 24” Rails)

Capture More. With Less.

Create amazing b-roll, interviews, vlogs and time-lapses with one piece of gear. With a modular, quick setup design, Arc II allows you to capture more content in less time.

Step Up Your B-Roll

Arc II gives you the ability to create ultra-precise, repeatable 4-axis shots whether you’re on a tripod or slider. Using an intuitive keyframe system, you can quickly craft the perfect shot and capture it on the first try. You can use the physical joysticks or the iOS app to setup your moves.

Un-boring your Interviews

Add dynamic motion to your interviews to take your production value to the next level. Setup your shot using two keyframes or use the iOS app to automatically track your subject. Arc II will automatically follow their movement as they adjust their body position.

Capture Time in Motion

The Arc II takes motion time-lapse to the next level. The LightLapse app pairs with our camera and allows you to capture “Holy Grail” day to night time-lapses. Rhino Power Adapters will allow you to power your camera from Arc II so you don’t have to worry about your camera running out of batteries. And the new High Torque Motor can move up to a 5lb camera vertically for even more creative compositions.