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RED V-RAPTOR Digital Cinema Camera





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  • Resolution:  8K Large Format or 6K S35
  • Dynamic Range: 17+ Stops
  • Form Factor: 4.03 lbs
  • Sensor Size: 40.96mm X 21.60mm
  • Mount Type: RF Mount & Lens System. Supports Cannon EF Lens via compatible Canon RF to EF mount adapter.
  • Battery Type: Integrated V-Lock battery interface optimized for Micro V-Lock Batteries.
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
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V-RAPTOR 8K features a multi-format 8K sensor – with the ability to shoot 8K Large Format or 6K S35. This camera allows shooters the ability to have a delivery over 4K, has a dynamic range of over 17 stops, and features a scan time which is 2X faster than any previous RED camera.



V-RAPTOR 8K uses standardized and high-performing media to ensure the best reliability and performance possible.


98WH flight-safe capacity with 12 amps of high output and compact form factor that is perfect for small set ups.

Remote Production and Wireless Control

Control V-RAPTOR 8K remotely via wifi, USB-C interface, and the red control app while taking advantage of live image previews & secure FTPS file transfers.

Red Control App

Operate V-RAPTOR remotely with wireless connectivity via the free RED control app, available now for IOS and Android devices.

The RED V-RAPTOR is available for rent and purchase at Lorne Lapham Sales & Rentals in Vancouver and can be shipped nationwide.