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Losmandy 4-Leg Spider Dolly





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Losmandy camera dollies are a better choice for 3 reasons:
1) Flexibility. The 3-Leg Tripod Dolly can be upgraded to become a fully rideable 4-Leg Dolly, or the 4-Leg Dolly can be set up as a 3-Leg Tripod Dolly if one needs to work alone.
2) Floating Wheels on one of the track rails. There is no need to measure a precise separation between the track, you simply approximate a 2 foot (60cm) separation and the floating wheels move in and out to compensate for any deviation in the spacing. This makes setting up a run on FlexTrak almost instantaneous.

The Losmandy® Spider Dolly has a versatile base that allows for additional configurations. The Extended Leg Version of the Spider Dolly, when combined with floor wheels and the Lightweight Tripod, creates an easy and safe way to position heavy cameras and jib arms. The base can also be configured to become a tabletop Mini Trolley.

If you are comparing dolly systems and are unclear about the advantages of a tripod dolly versus a rideable dolly, please click here to visit our Learning Center and read “Pivoting Seat vs. Stationary Seat vs. No Seat.”.