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K5600 Focal Spot for Joker 200/400





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K5600, Inc introduces the Focal Spot, which gives your current Joker-Bug 200W or 400W immediate projection capabilities.

Made from machined aluminum, the compact (less than 10 inches in length) and lightweight (less than 1.5lbs.) Focal Spot can adapt to any Joker-Bug wattage by simply removing the optical beamer with the twist of a thumb screw.  No further assembly or disassembly of your Joker-Bug is required to achieve a multitude of projection lighting effects.

The Focal Spot is equipped with a 20 and 40 degree lens, adding additional versatility.  Standard M-sized gobos can be used to project patterns, and the lenses can be focused to create either a hard or soft look.  Cutters are outfitted to enable shaping of the light pattern to fit all requirements.