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Flowcine Tranquilizer





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The Flowcine Tranquilizer is an upgrade to the Flowcine Black Arm to help you produce the smoothest footage on the planet. It has been designed specifically around the geometry of an electronic gimbal device. The Flowcine Tranquilizer use custom polymers instead of wire rope. Reduce vibrations from lowest possible frequency range and maximize motor torque without getting into self oscillation, which is a common problem with wire rope isolators.

We have a system that lets you to go from different types of hardness and amount of polymers, that allows for perfect tweaking of your setup weight, allowing the Tranquilizer to work optimally. The package ships with two sets of polymers, shore 30 and shore 40, and you can easily add more sets if you have a wide span of different gimbals you want to change between, however since the system easily lets you add and subtract the amount, you already have a great range of freedom in weight span with the default package.

The Flowcine Tranquilizer also includes the Passive plates. These adds more mass to the system, and lets you dial in the perfect weight and also makes a huge difference compensating incoming hard shocks. These are very easy to add and remove on the fly, while your gimbal is already attached to the system. We include eight of the passive plates in the package, enabling you to add just over 5KG/11LBS to the Flowcine Tranquilizer.

To reduce the problem with when the pan motor goes into self oscillation, we have a design that allows the system to reduce a great deal of incoming vibrations, while at the same time keep the gimbal in check from jittering around the pan axis. This allows you to tune your gimbal/gyrohead with the highest possible pan motor torque settings and the result will be a head that handles high speeds, wind and other dynamics when shooting from vehicles better.