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Eartec UltraLITE Single Headset System (5 Headsets)





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Full Duplex Wireless Communication Without A Base Station

The Eartec UltraLITE Headset System are revolutionary headsets that have the transceiver built right inside the ear cup. This self-contained, “All in One” design eliminates wires and belt worn radios. And since they do not require complicated base stations, users can remain in constant full duplex voice contact even while on the move.

The UltraLITE Headsets are self-contained, full duplex wireless headsets with one speaker.  They include a flexible gooseneck microphone boom assembly that swivels 270 degrees to be worn on either left or right. Single muff headsets are preferred by users that need to keep one ear free to monitor their environment while communicating.

The Lithium Polymer batteries for the headsets charge externally and are field replaceable. This allows you to keep spare batteries on hand extending the run time of your system indefinitely.

*5x UltraLITE Headsets included