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DZOFilm Gnosis 65mm T2.8 Full Frame Macro Prime





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65mm T2.8 Gnosis Macro Prime Lens from DZOFilm provides impressive close-up views of your subjects with up to 1:33 magnification and a standard field of view.

Provides both full-frame and VV (VistaVision) sensor coverage.

Interchangeable Mount

  • The ARRI LPL-mount 65mm Gnosis lens also comes with both ARRI PL and Canon EF lens mounts.
  • This lens mount versatility provides compatibility with a wider selection of cine-style and mirrorless cameras.

Sharp Macro Magnification

Provides immersive view with 1.33:1 macro magnification at 9.36″.

For Professional Filmmaking And Tactful Collaboration

The industry standard front diameter of 114mm is compatible with matte boxes and other accessories, eliminating the need for repeated adjustments when changing lenses and greatly enhancing shooting efficiency.