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Cineo Maverick Remote Phosphor LED Light





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Cineo Maverick™ is the long-awaited portable member the family from Cineo Lighting. This evolutionary fixture provides all of the benefits of Remote Phosphor Technology found in the TruColor HS™ and LS™, while better meeting the demands of field use: lightweight, DC powered and weatherproof. Cineo Maverick delivers a volume of light equal to a traditional 1K soft source, optimized for image capture as well as other applications that demand accurate color rendering.

With a wide array of accessories, power supply and mounting options, Maverick becomes another indespensible tool for motion picture and television professionals from Cineo Lighting.

As with Cineo’s TruColor HS and LS, interchangeable phosphor panels permit a variety of color temperatures in one fixture. Extended CRI for Maverick is over 95 and it generates the same 160° beam spread as HS and LS.