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Canon V35 PL Mount Cinema Lens (K35)





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Call for Price

  • 14mm T3.1 PL
  • 20mm T1.5 PL
  • 24mm T1.5 PL
  • 35mm T1.5 PL
  • 50mm T1.3 PL
  • 85mm T1.3 PL
  • 135mm T2.2 PL


Our Canon V35 set uses Canon CN-E lenses as our base. We’ve taken these lenses, and using the legendary K35’s as inspiration, created a look that we feel gets close to these vintage optics, while retaining some of our own aesthetic. We like to think of them as K35 Mark ii. Just enough of the old traits with something a little new and fresh for digital formats. This means more interesting flares, less contrast, less saturation while retaining those incredible Canon skin tones. Also, we retain the original housing and add our signature engravings to set them apart from the crowd.  We’ve also made our adjustments between the front and rear elements making service much easier to maintain.

The Canon V35 will get you as close to the coveted Canon K35 look without the astronomical price point.  If you are looking for Canon K35’s in Vancouver or Canada you should give these a try.  They are available from Lapham’s