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B&L Super Baltar Lenses





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A true classic Hollywood cinema lens.  Super Baltars are sure to give your project a unique look.  Produced and used throughout the 50’s and 70’s, these lenses will take the edge off today’s digital sensors to achieve a look unmatched by filtration or post grading.  This set has been cinevised with 0.8 pitch focus and iris gears for use with modern follow focus units.

Our Super Baltar lens set includes:

  • Super Baltar 25mm T2.3
  • Super Baltar 35mm T2.3
  • Super Baltar 50mm T2.3
  • Super Baltar 75mm T2.3
  • Super Baltar 100mm T2.3

B&L Super Baltars are available for rent from Lapham’s in Vancouver and can be shipped Canada wide.