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Aputure LS 600D Pro LED Light





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600W Daylight-Balanced Point-Source LED

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The Aputure LS 600d Pro LED Light is one of the brightest point source LED lights. With an immensely bright 600W COB LED output and a 720W Max Power Draw, this light is able to approach the brightness of 1200W HMIs at only a fraction of their total energy consumption, allowing you to power more than one from a single household circuit.

In addition, the 600D is able to both draw power from and charge V & Gold Mount cinema batteries. Its dual voltage battery plates also enable it to be compatible with 14.4V, 26V, and 28.8V batteries, making it an incredibly flexible fixture. The control box is also capable of accepting 48V (15A) DC power via 3-pin XLR, allowing it to be powered via external battery power stations.

The 600d is a fixture made to weather any environment, with an IP54 design, both the lamp head and control box are both weatherproof, with dust and water resistance.

With a Bowens Accessory mount and slanted yoke, the 600d leaps ahead as an adaptable light source that is not only incredibly bright, but incredibly easy to modify with tools like the F10 Fresnel, which intensifies its output even further.

The light also has a myriad of wireless control methods, including Aputure’s 2.4GHz remote, the Sidus Link mobile app, and built-in wireless DMX control.


  • Up to 200,000+ lux @ 1 Meter with the F10 Fresnel
  • Comparable to a 1200W HMI or Joker 800
  • IP54 Weatherproof (Dust and Water Resistant)
  • Built-in Wireless Control: 2.4G Remote, Bluetooth App, Wireless DMX
  • Can Achieve Half Output with 2x 14.4V 15A Batteries
  • Multi-Voltage Battery Plates (14.4V / 26V / 28.8V)
  • Can Charge V & Gold Mount Batteries (14.4V / 26V / 28.8V)
  • Supports 48V DC Input Power, including Battery Power Stations and Block Batteries (3-Pin XLR)

The Aputure LS 600d Pro LED Light is available for rent from Lapham’s in Vancouver and available for shipment Canada wide.