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Aputure F10 Barn Doors





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– Drop-in Barndoors for the F10 Fresnel –

8-Leaf Design

The F10 Barn Doors feature an 8-Leaf design, including four smaller “helper flags” that can rotate in and out adjust the shape of the output based on your needs.

F10 Fresnel Compatible

The F10 Barn Doors are designed for the F10 Fresnel, and slide into its standard 13.1-inch (333mm) Drop-In Accessory Slot. Like with traditional Fresnel Fixtures, the leaves on the F10 Barn Doors are designed to be large enough to properly shape and control the output of an industry-standard 10-inch Fresnel.

Negative Reflector

The F10 Barn Doors includes a Negative Reflector (Black Reflector Dish). This black dish simultaneously allows the barn doors to be mounted directly onto a Bowens Mount light fixture and also minimizes the size of the light-emitting source to just the LED chipset, for sharper shadows.

Industrial Build

The F10 Barn Doors are composed of a durable black powder-coated aluminum alloy, making them tough enough for a wide range of filmmaking environments.