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Angénieux Type EZ-1 30-90mm T2 Zoom Lens





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Angénieux Type EZ-1 Overview

Created to address current industry requirements, the Angénieux Type EZ-1 lens features an innovative modular lens design that allow the rear lens group to be exchanged between S35mm, and FF/VistaVision format. For the first time, ENG-style productions will get the flexibility necessary for run-and-gun shooting, combined with an excellence of image quality at an affordable price. Users can also easily change between PL, Canon EF and Sony E mounts.

The Type EZ-1 lens is designed for full manual operation, with sufficient rotation angles to creatively and precisely control focus, zoom and iris. The lens barrel is constructed from high-precision, light weight metal for greater durability. With an incredibly fast T-stop and large image coverage, the Type EZ lenses are extremely light weight, suitable for hand-held operation.

With industry-standard 0.8 gear teeth on all three rings, they are compatible with common lens motors and follow focus units. Despite its speed, the lens’ front diameter is kept at 114mm to allow sharing of matte boxes with industry-standard compact OPTIMO zoom lenses. They are also built to compensate for temperature drifts, minimizing the need to recalibrate the flange back distance.


When configured for S35 cameras, the Type EZ lenses, at F1.9/T2, are among the fastest in the industry. They cover an image circle size of up to 30mm diagonal for cameras recording in HDTV/UDTV modes and APS-C format DSLRs. The large format rear group also converts them into F2.8/T3 lenses, covering an image circle of up to 46mm diagonal.

Larger Formats

The lenses perfectly match full-frame sensor DSLRs, RED 8k sensors, ARRI Open gate and future cameras with larger image circles. In S35 cameras, the large format rear group also functions as a 1.5x extender, turning 30-90mm T2 lenses into 45-135mm T3 ones.

No Crop Factors

The 22mm/T3 wide-angle end for large format cameras converts the lenses into a 15mm/T2 for S35 cameras, maintaining a similar field of view with extra gain in T-stop.

Main Features
  • 30-90mm T2 / f1.9, image coverage up to 30mm diagonal
  • Extremely fast T2 across zoom range with no ramping
  • Lightweight (2,150g / 4.7 pounds)
  • Internal focusing & zooming, lens size remains constant throughout zooming & focusing range.
  • Traditional angénieux look, colorimetry matches those of Optimo & OPTIMO STYLE series.
  • Short MOD 0.6m / 2 feet
  • In-lens thermal compensation, significantly reduces temperature drift.
  • Precise and ergonomic focus ring with scale rotation of 300 degrees
  • Luminescent FTZ markings, easy reading in dark
  • Available with PL lens mount, easy conversion to EF or E mount by users
  • Front diameter 114mm, matte boxes compatible with those used on OPTIMO & OPTIMO STYLE compact zooms