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Syrp Genie II Pan Tilt





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A new era of motion control. Genie II Pan Tilt offers full pan tilt control for Timelapse, Video, Panorama and more. Use as a standalone Pan Tilt head or combine with Genie II Linear for the ultimate 3-Axis motion control tool.

Portable camera motion control in your backpack, Genie II Pan Tilt offers the filmmaker a world of options when out filming. Use with a tripod for precise Pan and Tilt camera control or combine with Genie II Linear for 3-Axis motion control.

Stronger, faster and quieter than its predecessor, the Genie II comes packed with features including time-lapse, video, keyframing, camera control, live view and more.

Using the very latest technology in high-speed wireless communication and motor control the Genie II offers an unparalleled motion control system, controlled via iOS or Android.

  • Full Keyframe motion setup
  • Bounce back for video (repeat)
  • Control the Genie 2 for smooth panning and tilting camera motion in time-lapse and video
  • Customise move shoot delay, interval, record time and playback time
  • Set time-lapse movement to move-shoot-move or continuous movement
  • Save your own presets or select from our built-in options
  • Set your ease in / ease out for smoothly ramping movement
  • Set start and end points using the in-app Joystick
  • Regular firmware upgrades for new features
  • Shoot multi-row panoramas