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Syrp Genie II Linear





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A new era of motion control, Genie II Linear is stronger, faster and quieter than its predecessor with the same attention to simplicity and portability.  Sure, you can still fit it in your backpack, but this time you’ll also be getting key-frames, full camera control, Live View, high-speed wireless connection, multi-axis movement (optional) and much, much more.

Genie II Linear is a highly portable and versatile solution for motion control. Our unique Genie rope system can attach to any slider on the market giving you precise linear motion control up to 100m in length.

Stronger, faster and quieter than its predecessor, the Genie II Linear comes packed with features including time-lapse, video, key-framing, camera control, live view and more.

Using the very latest technology in high-speed wireless communication and motor control the Genie II offers an unparalleled motion control system, controlled via iOS or Android.

  • Full Keyframe motion setup
  • Bounce back for video (repeat)
  • Control the Genie 2 for smooth tracking camera motion in time-lapse and video
  • Customise move shoot delay, interval, record time and playback time
  • Set time-lapse movement to move-shoot-move or continuous movement
  • Save your own presets or select from our built-in options
  • Set your ease in / ease out for smoothly ramping movement
  • Set start and end points using the in-app Joystick
  • Regular firmware upgrades for new features
  • Use the Genie 2 App for Syncing Genie Mini with Genie II Linear