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Steadicam Solo





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The SOLO Arm and Vest makes extended shooting nearly effortless, providing complete comfort and functionality for extended productions and long continuous shots. The SOLO can now fly for hours — shooting entire weddings, sporting events, or theatrical performances — without undue fatigue.

The SOLO offers Steadicam brand engineering and quality…at a price you’ll love.


  • Up to 10lb (4.5kg) weight capacity


  • Able to convert between a Steadicam and monopod easilyCompact:
  • Folds up to a 24″ x 3.5″ (61cm x 9cm) profileDurable:
  • All metal infrastructure design


  • Ergonomic foam gimbal handle and post control grips
  • Can be used handheld or with available arm/vest


  • High quality 3-axis gimbal
  • Solid precision stage design


  • Telescopic 4-section post
  • Unique dynamic balance capability
  • Moveable gimbal

Removable Stage Design:

  • Quick release camera mounting plate
  • Push on lock
  • Pushbutton release
  • Positive position clamping
  • Standard 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 camera mounting
  • Simple dual knob fore-aft vernier adjustment