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Eye Direct Mark E





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The EyeDirect Folding Mark E (FMKE) is optimized as a lighter, smaller solution to guarantee eye contact. Functionality of the FMKE is identical to the Mark II… but this one folds to the size of a laptop. The FMKE is built for DSLR and mirrorless cameras with the largest support limited to FS5 or Canon C Series. Users may attach their iPad or tablets and convert the Folding Mark E, to an AutoCue/TelePrompter. The EyeDirect allows interviewer to be on either side of the camera.

Easy Set Up

The Folding Mark E is small and strong. It can either be set up permanently or repeatedly folded and unfolded for travel.

Teleprompter / AutoCue

The Folding Mark E accepts tablets up to, but not including the iPad Pro, to offer the autocue/teleprompter function when you just can’t get the subject to say what you need without a helpful prompt.