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Canon EOS C500 Mark II Full Frame Cinema Camera





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The new Cinema EOS C500 Mark II will lead the next-generation of Cinema EOS Systems. Designed to support a variety of shooting settings, it offers increased expandability, modular design, a full frame 5.9K CMOS sensor and many other unique features.

Feature Highlights

  • 5.9K Full Frame CMOS Sensor, with support for Super 35mm and Super 16mm crop modes
  • User Changeable Lens Mounts which gives users freedom to use the lenses they desire
  • Newly developed DIGIC DV 7 Image Processor, which powerfully processes high-resolution image data
  • Canon RAW Light and XF-AVC Recording
  • Proxy Recording
  • Compatibility with EF and PL Lenses*
  • Anamorphic Lens Support
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Modular Design with three available Expansion Units allows a high level of connectivity and interoperability
  • 4.3” LCD Touch screen Monitor LM-V2
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF with support for Touch AF and Face Detection AF
  • Canon Log 2 and 3 Support
  • 4 Channel Audio Recording
  • Support for Custom User LUTs

5.9K Full Frame CMOS Sensor

Similar to the EOS C700 FF model, the EOS C500 Mark II features a full frame 38.1 x 20.1mm sensor with a 17:9 aspect ratio. It supports full frame readout as well as Super 35mm and Super 16mm modes that can be used with conventional Super 35mm lenses and full frame compatible lenses.

Modular Design with Expansion Units for Different Workflows

The EOS C500 Mark II provides versatility in operational style by offering a modular design with outstanding extensibility. A variety of extension units such as EVF-V50, EU-V1 and EU-V2 can be used.

User Interchangeable Mounts

Use different mount adapters to change between a standard EF mount, PL mount (with mount kit PM-V1) and EF Cinema lock mount (mount kit CM-V1) for maximum versatility.

Anamorphic Lens Support

The EOS C500 Mark II offers cinematographers anamorphic lens support. Users can now achieve wide cinematic looks and oval bokeh particular to anamorphic glass. It is a distinctly cinematic palette that is within reach for your next project.

Electronic Image Stabilization

The EOS C500 Mark II is the first Canon Cinema EOS camera to feature built-in five-axis electronic IS that works with almost any lens including anamorphic.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF with support for Touch AF and Face Detection AF

The Cinema EOS C500 Mark II features Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology. For DAF, each pixel in the camera’s CMOS sensor is configured with two photodiodes. Two independent image signals can then be detected at each photosite and compared using phase-difference to provide autofocus with compatible lenses. DAF can survey the scene and recognizes not only whether the subject is in focus or not, but in which direction (near or far), and by how much.

Canon Log 2 and 3 Support

The EOS C500 Mark II supports Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 Gamma. In post-production, Canon Log is designed to reproduce the entire tonal range that the CMOS image sensor is capable of. Log workflows provide the user with higher dynamic range, more highlight and shadow retention, and more flexibility in grading.

Canon Log 2 provides the largest dynamic range and image detail. While Canon Log 2 provides the most post-production flexibility and full dynamic range of the sensor, it typically requires more time in color correction.

For users looking for most of the benefits of log workflow, but with shorter turnaround times, Canon Log 3 provides an alternative with only a slightly reduced dynamic range of 14 stops.

5.9K Full Frame Cinema RAW Light up to 60fps

The EOS C500 Mark II records in Cinema RAW Light data without degrading the data-rich signal captured by the 5.9K full-frame sensor. Cinema RAW comes in a variety of options such as 5.9K (60fps), 4K (60fps) crop and 2K crop (120fps).

Oversampled 4K Full Frame 10-bit 4:2:2 XF-AVC Codec

The new DIGIC DV7 image processor in the EOS C500 Mark II enables debayering that results in high-resolution images with minimal moiré and graininess. It supports a wide range of video production needs through an effective use of rich 5.9K visual expression in 4K / UHD or 2K / FHD recording.

The Canon EOS C500 Mark II is available for rental locally in Vancouver or can be shipped Canada wide.