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Steadicam Scout HD





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  • Anton Bauer Dionic 90 x 2
  • Anton Bauer Single Charger



An innovative approach to camera stabilizer design, the Steadicam Scout® has uncompromising quality and all the necessary features to get the job done at an affordable price.

  • 5-18 lb. (2.3 – 8kg) camera payload capacity.
  • No-tools adjustable Iso-Elastic™ arm
  • Dual axis vernier adjustable stage
  • Unparalleled inertial control and dynamically adjustable base

The Scout vest has an ergonomic fit of the breast plate combined with solid metal shoulder fasteners assure a new comfort level for extended use and a secure fit. Vest and pad covers are easily removed for cleaning or replacement offering extended durability.

The tools-free patented Iso-Elastic™ stabilizer arm supports 18 pounds (8kg) of camera weight. The no-tools Arm/Vest interface allows for quick customization to the individual operator. “On the fly” weight adjustment frees the operator from dismounting the system to make changes. The open design of the arm has freedom of movement unknown in this weight class and the Scout’s adjustable and interchangeable arm post assembly is a feature usually found on more expensive systems. The 2-section arm can also be separated for compact storage and transport.

The 7″ Scout Steadicam color LCD monitor features enhanced image quality and a wide viewing angle. Even under bright sunlight this monitor is ideal for field production use.

The Scout lightweight aluminum dovetail stage was designed for camera mounting stability..