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Panasonic BT-LH1710 LCD SDI Monitor





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The compact size, the lightweight built and its low power consumption are ideal for versatile and cost-effective use in either OB vans or studios. This LCD monitor operates on AC/DC power. Its rugged design features a production-tough aluminum diecast front frame. The monitor can also be mounted in a rack or hung on a wall using the optional accessories

Features and Functions:

  • A three-dimensional LUT offering virtually the same colour reproduction as CRTs in all video formats.
  • Advanced image-enhancing circuitry, including excellent motion response and a diagonal line compensation circuit.
  • Wide viewing angles:176° horizontal and vertical
  • Ideal gradation for broadcast applications. Colour temperature can be selected from 9300 K, 6500 K or 5600 K.
  • Various marker, cross hatch overlay and blue-only display functions.
  • Vector scope and waveform monitoring.
  • Pixel-to-pixel display and split-screen display (still image of a second screen).
  • Audio level meter overlay display (with SDI input).
  • Time code and closed caption display.
  • Cine-gamma (F-REC) compensation for Varicam shooting.
  • Production-tough aluminum diecast frame (front section).
  • RS-232C/GPI remote control terminals.
  • Tally lamp (red, green, amber).
  • Rack mounting, wall mounting.