Freefly MōVI Pro Handheld Gimbal





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  • 3 Axis Stabilization
  • Carries up to 15lbs
  • Hot Swap Batteries
  • 2 Second Power Up
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Freefly MōVI Pro

The Freefly MōVI Pro is a 3-axis gimbal stabilization system that can carry up to 15lbs, making it compatible with a range of cameras from mirrorless to cinema. The Freefly MōVI Pro is designed to be versatile and intelligent to make film production quick and efficient.

Hot Swap Batteries

Freefly MōVI Pro is designed from the ground up to minimize downtime on set. Hot swappable intelligent batteries power the MōVI Pro while also powering the camera and all accessories. You can shoot all and only charge one type of battery.

Power Camera and Accessories

MōVI Pro represents a new era of simplification. The two 25.2 volt MōVI Pro batteries provide power for the MōVI and the following accessory power ports:

Camera D-Tap Port 12-15V Adjustable, 6A Max Current
Spine D-Tap 12V, 2A
Tilt D-Tap 12V, 2A
Tilt USB 5V, 1A

Freefly MōVI Pro Batteries strike just the right balance between size, performance, and usability. They give users instant status information via an integrated ‘fuel gauge’ and feature a host of battery management and protections built into the pack.

MōVI Pro Integration


Freefly has tightly integrated the MōVI Pro with RED cameras to allow users to access RED camera controls from hundreds of feet away using either the MōVI Controller or the new MIMIC controller.


MIMIC is at the heart of MōVI Pro and allows users long range bidirectional control of MōVI pointing, settings, camera controls, and real time telemetry.

Tilt Stage Unit

MōVI Pro features the world’s smallest fully integrated 3-axis lens control system built into the camera stage. Control all 3 channels with either the MōVI Controller, MIMIC, or a combination of the two.

MōVI Pro App

Tune and customize your MōVI Pro realtime using the MōVI Pro App. Available for iPhone and Android.


Freefly MōVI Pro’s high performance processors and tuning algorithms allows it to achieve optimal filter and stiffness tuning in ~3 seconds per axis. MōVI Pro keeps filmmakers focused on executing stunning shots, not gimbal setup.