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Convergent Design 256GB Premium Solid State Drive





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  • Proprietary 2.5″ Server-Grade SSD
  • Power Protection Circuit
  • Designed to Maintain Read/Write Speeds
  • SATA III Interface

For recording video files on the Odyssey7 or Odyssey7Q, Convergent Design Odyssey SSDs are required. All other SSDs will be rejected by the unit.

They use a standard 2.5” eSata 2.0 interface to connect to a computer for offloading files, not included. Any off-the-shelf adapter will work, or, see also the USB3.0 Adapter.

All Odyssey SSDs are tested to perform to Convergent Design standards.  They will maintain the read/write speeds required for use in Convergent Design devices and do so throughout their product lifespan.  The Odyssey SSDs also contain a power protection circuit so that in event of a power loss during recording the SSDs will close out the current file to prevent corruption of the file or the SSD.